Words of Advice for Race Day

Jessica Morey: age 28, One marathon completed

Mark Ou: age 38, 9 marathons completed, ďMarathon Maniac ClubĒ

Tim Vinson: age 55, 12 marathons completed

Diane Miller: age 57, 15 marathons completed

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Race Day Wisdom

Making it to race day is a task in itself. With so many weeks of training already invested in the big event, the one thing you want to avoid is the typical "rookie mistakes." The best way to steer clear of these small, but potentially race-breaking errors is to seek the advice of people who have already finished a marathon. If youíre part of a running club, use your long run days to collect advice from more experienced runners. It will make the training run go a lot faster, and you will collect some great advice. For those who are training solo, don't worry. The audio clips on this page highlight Florida Track Club memberís marathon experiences. They will give you some insight into race day mentality and logistics.

Helpful Race Day Tips

  • Donít wear new clothes that you havenít already tested on long runs

  • Post supporters in the latter half of the race (miles 16-26)

  • Pace yourself; save enough energy to make it through the last six miles

  • Donít get in a car and drive for an extended period of time after the race

  • Take an ice bath after the race to help with soreness