A Strong Will

After a tragic accident in 2005, Matt Long could not even walk. See how this athlete went from having to use a wheelchair to crossing the finish line of the NYC Marathon.

The Search for Motivation

What gives people the initial idea to run 26.2 miles? After being run over by a bus, Matt Long no longer worried about hitting a new PR or running at Boston, he just wanted to be able to finish a marathon again. For Long, it wasn't about the time; it was about not letting his circumstances dictate what he could or couldn’t accomplish. Long went from having to learn to walk again to running at a 22 minute mile pace for a full 26.2 miles.

Running a marathon begins with finding a motivation. For Long, it was a battle against his circumstances. What gives you the desire to run? Use this site as a resource to help you find motivation, keep healthy and prepare for the big day. Good Luck!

Additional Resources

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