Metacritic in 2005

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If youíve read the other material on this site, you are already equipped with the knowledge to look like a rock music buff. But the best way to sound knowledgeable about music is to actually be knowledgeable about music. This is not an easy task; as I said before, rock music buffs are expected to know every album ever recorded and its place in the history of music. So where do you start?

A constantly growing online compendium of virtually every piece of music ever recorded. This Web site conveniently rates albums according to critical importance, relates music based on genre and cultural association, and gives background information about bands, their members and their works. This is a fantastic reference.


This is the definitive resource for discovering new music. Critical reviews are compounded, averaged and ranked among other contemporary albums. Itís a great way to see which albums are receiving the most hype and which have been universally derided. This Web site also has a great calendar showing upcoming releases from the hottest bands.


Wikipedia is already used by researchers everywhere as a starting point for their investigations. But itís also a great way to learn more about musical artists and their works, compiling critical reviews, historical context and interesting tidbits.