Animal Collective performs "Winters Love" acoustic. Yeah, crazy.

What's Hot

Here’s a sampler of some of today’s most talked-about indie rock music. (This is by no means comprehensive.)

Bizarre Experimental Rock

Grizzly Bear - Once described as a band from parallel world where everyone has codeine in their blood. I’d say this is a pretty fair assessment.

Animal Collective - Probably the weirdest band you’ll ever listen to. With nicknames like “Panda Bear,” “Avey Tare,” “Deakin,” and “Geologist,” I guess that’s what you’d expect from these guys.

Unlistenable dance-punk

F***ed Up (Censored by the Webmaster.) - If their name doesn’t say enough…

Les Savy Fav - Loud, angry, and intended for dancing.

Self-important art rock

Arcade Fire - From Canada, this band was catapulted into indie stardom when its full-length debut was given a whopping 9.7/10.0 by Pitchfork Media. They’ve got the attitude to match, according to Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. Oh crap, you’ll probably want to listen to The Flaming Lips, too.

Radiohead - This music is some of the most depressing you’ll hear. It’s also got the most rabid fan base you’ve ever seen. If you can, listen to every album by this band at least once, because you’ll be expected to know it.

Always popular

Neutral Milk Hotel - All hipsters love Neutral Milk Hotel. This is one bandwagon you want to get on. The band ended in 1999 when lead singer and mastermind Jeff Mangum had a mental breakdown and went into hiding – he’s been a legend in the underground community ever since.