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Rock Criticism

One way to start sounding knowledgeable about rock music is to start reading rock criticism. You don’t really need context – you really just have to parrot back what the journalists say. Especially if those journalists write for Pitchfork Media. Here are a few music magazines that might be valuable to you. This list is not comprehensive.

Pitchfork Media

Perhaps the most respected and hated, feared and revered rock critics around. This all-online music magazine has the power to make nobodys into somebodys and to make somebodys look like morons. As it is oft-criticized for pretentious music reviews, you should proceed with caution when discussing Pitchfork. It is okay to say that you agree with Pitchfork’s reviews, but most hipsters qualify it with a “Well, I like their taste, but I don’t like their attitude.” Or something like that.


Blender, which recently went to an all-online format much like Pitchfork’s, calls itself the “Ultimate Guide to Music and More.” It’s like a less pretentious version of Pitchfork, offering music news and reviews.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Another webzine devoted to music reviews, this magazine has a large volunteer staff which focuses on blogging and local music as well as national acts. It’s worth checking out if you want to learn a bit more about your local indie rock scene.