Velvet Revolver

Not the Velvet Underground.

Indie Cred Catastrophes

No one is perfect. In your conversations with music buffs about the most influential and talented bands, you’re almost certainly going to stumble and make a serious gaffe – especially during your first few attempts at talking about music. Don’t panic. There are a couple of ways to catch yourself before completely forfeiting your credibility.

Irony - the hipster's safety net

Okay, let’s say you’ve said something totally stupid. Let’s say you’ve forgotten who the Velvet Underground are – and confused them with Velvet Revolver. Ouch, that’s a really bad one. If you said that around music buffs, they’d look at you like you’d committed some sort of genocide.

The best way to recover from a gaffe like this is to pretend that it was a joke. When you see the horror spread across the hipster’s face, give a light chuckle and say something like, “I’m just messing with you, man.” The hipster should laugh with you. “Hipsters love irony,” explains music lover Tyler Raszick. “They’ve built a lifestyle around it.” In hipster culture, sarcasm is an expected part of day-to-day banter and will not seem out of place.

Changing the subject

If the above method fails, you must introduce a topic of conversation as interesting as or more interesting than your preceding gaffe. This must be done swiftly, so as not to allow the lull in conversation following your careless mistake to be filled with subtle ridicule or dismissive indifference. Are any bands coming out with new albums? Name one, quick! Say it excitedly to divert their thoughts from your idiotic comment back to the subject of rock music.

“This method usually works, but if not, you may simply have to eat the loss of indie cred,” says Raszick. “Weak, man.”