BSing About Music

In order to be credible, a good rock music buff has to have listened to every album by every band ever. This may seem like quite a task, but don’t despair! You don’t actually have to have listened to these albums in order to appear in the know. You should employ these techniques in order of your knowledgeability of the band in question – technique 1 if you’re not very knowledgeable at all, technique 3 if you’re somewhat knowledgeable but don’t know enough to converse on the subject.

Technique 1: I don’t like the genre

A simple way to dismiss an entire category of music is to say “I don’t like the genre.” If you find that you’re absolutely clueless about a band, ask what genre they are. If it sounds obscure, employ this technique. “No one would expect a music lover to listen to a bunch of music they hate,” says music aficianado Tyler Raszick. “Your lack of knowledge will sound justified in this situation.”

Technique 2: They’re overrated

If you find that the genre of music is too broad to dismiss wholly, it might be a good opportunity to whip out the “they’re overrated” tactic. At this point, all you’ll have to say is “Oh, sure, I’ve heard them. They’re overrated.” This conversational tool will allow you to immediately write off someone else’s arguments – to the listener, you sound like you’ve heard the hype, listened to the music and were unimpressed. “That’s enough for most music buffs,” says Raszick.

Technique 3: “X” album is way better than “Y”

This technique is best used when you have some knowledge about a band, because you will have to defend your position. If you know the band but haven’t listened to their later stuff, you can claim to not like their newer music. If you know their later stuff but not their older, more obscure albums, just claim that they have “matured as a band since their debut.” “You don’t actually have to know specific songs or anything,” Raszick says. “You just need to sound opinionated.”