A Collection of Vinyl LPs

A Collection of Vinyl LPs.

Getting Started - Pretentiousness, Rock Music and You

For some, music isn’t just an art, or a hobby, or a form of relaxing background noise with which to fill your everyday life. It is an obsession, an identity, a cultural anchor and a pass to an underground social clique of hipster douchebags who you probably shouldn’t be interested in hanging out with.

But if you are, the stakes must look dauntingly high. In conversation with the music buff, every sentence seems like a dare to name a more obscure band or a stranger genre of music.

The learning curve for the world of music is steep and its concepts are nebulous, focused on baffling terms like “scenes” and “music collectives.” The average person’s response to these ideas is probably somewhere between confused indifference and cautious amusement – and understandably so.

So if you’re an average person, but you’re also that person interested in hanging out with rock music buffs, then this Web site is for you. You’ll find ways to flatten that steep learning curve and ease your way into hipsterdom – if that’s where you really want to be. Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes?