Tom at a secret show in March.

Against Me! on March 05, 2009. By Flickr user wordnowheard.


Against Me! has toured all fifty states, much of Europe and even Australia.

AM! is one of the most accessible punk bands in the business. They are always touring; for example, right now they are on a tour from April 11 to May 1. That tour covers much of the Southeast region.

Andrew Seward, bassist, once told LiveDaily that they'd been touring for almost two years straight through. He talked about taking a break, but as he said, "Us taking time off usually means, like, a week."

They've taken parts in the Warped Tour and the Bonnaroo Festival, as well as The Fat Tour.

The band's tickets are always priced well, too. Unless they're on a tour with a bigger band, (like with the Foo Fighters), AM! always chooses small, local venues. The tickets are then affordable for their fans.

The smaller venues also give the fans a cozier atmosphere to enjoy live music.

I've been able to meet Tom Gabel before, because the band hangs out around these venues for awhile after to meet and greet fans.

"Coming home feels like surrender... When the shows are over, is there any other reason to live?"

Kim Hamilton, Against Me! super fan, said that seeing the band on tour made her love them even more.

"They are the most intense band I've ever seen," said Hamilton. "Seeing them live made me love them even more than I already did."

Hamilton's enthusiasm is not unusual for AM!'s fans.

"I have a tattoo for them," she said. "I've seen them at least four times."