Against Me! Helps The Community

Against Me! is very involved with causes that they care about. They've thrown many benefit shows over the years, with all proceeds going to charity.

"It's good to feel like you're helping out while at the same time going out and having a good time and play some rock and roll," said Tom Gabel to Associated Content recently.

Harvest of Hope

Harvest of Hope

Against Me! is probably most involved with the organization Harvest of Hope, which raises funds for migrant farm workers and their families.

AM! recently played the Harvest of Hope Fest in St. Augustine, along with several other prominent bands in the genre.

They have played at least five benefit shows for the organization. They've also donated more than $18,000 to the organization. They are listed as one of the organization's business partners on the Harvest of Hope site.

Gainesville's Civic Media Center

The Civic Media Center.

The Civic Media Center is an "alternative library of independent, non-corporate media." The collectively-run community space just celebrated it's fifteenth anniversary last fall.

On October 5, 2008, Against Me! played a benefit show for the the Center at another Gainesville location, Common Grounds. The band played some of its earliest shows at the Center in Gainesville.

The Center always needs funds and volunteers to keep their Main Street location open, as well as to bring interesting speakers and presentations to Gainesville.

Rock The Vote

Rock the Vote.

Rock The Vote is looking to build political power for young people, by registering young voters, educating them, and getting them out to vote.

The band made a public service announcement for Rock The Vote in April of '08. It featured the single 'Stop' off of "New Wave."

The video can be found on Against Me!'s site.

Fans of the band could register to vote direcetly from AM!'s Web site as well.