Tom on stage.

Gabel on stage. Taken by Flickr user Mandi Gaga.

Against Me!'s Background

Against Me! began as a solo endeavor by Tom Gabel, the frontman of AM!. At the tender age of 17, Tom played any venue in Gainesville that would have him.

By 2001, the band was mostly comprised of Gabel and drummer Kevin Mahon. The two released a couple of EPs, "Crime" and the "Acoustic" set, on Plan-It-X Records and Sabot Records.

Then the band shifted to No Idea Records and released "Against Me! Is Reinventing Axl Rose." Most songs on the album were recorded from previous efforts. The album was a different concept, with a full band and a more punk rock sound.

The song 'Baby, I'm An Anarchist' helped the band reach a bigger audience.


Against Me! then released "As The Eternal Cowboy" on Fat Wreck Chords. The band got their first single with "Sink, Florida, Sink." The never-ending attack on the band for not being "punk enough" and "selling out" began with this album.

If "Cowboy" made them sell-outs, their 2005 release, "Searching For A Former Clarity," made them the king of sell-outs.

The album placed on the billboard charts. They also created a video for their single 'Don't Lose Touch,' originally only available on Myspace.

Tom Gabel performs 'Baby, I'm An Anarchist!' at in Chicago.

Major Label Success

In late '05, the band signed with Sire Records, which is owned by Warner Music Group.

"New Wave" was released in July '07; the album debuted at #57 on the Billboard Charts. Their first single, 'Thrash Unreal,' placed well on the rock charts.

"New Wave" propelled Against Me! to new kinds of success. Spin Magazine named "New Wave" the best album of '07; MTV named them the Artist of The Week in December '07; Rolling Stone named them the Best Punk Band.

Against Me! even toured with The Foo Fighters in 2008. The band has received major critical acclaim and popularity with a new audience, while also keeping grounded in their indie-label roots.