Against Me!'s album 'Reinventing Axl Rose'

Reinventing Axl Rose

AM!'s first album was recorded in late '01 and early '02, with Gabel, Bowman and Oakes, but not Seward.

This is the first foray into an electric, four-piece band; this isn't just a first breath into punk, it's a rallying scream.

While the arrangement is less refined on their first attempt, the lyrics are some of their best, just raw emotion and power.

Key Tracks: "Pints of Guinness Make You Strong," "Baby, I'm An Anarchist!," and "Walking Is Still Honest."

Against Me!'s album 'As The Eternal Cowboy'

As The Eternal Cowboy

Their second release, my favorite of the four full-length albums, was recorded in the summer of '03.

This is a different sound and a departure from their first album. AM!'s establishing more a reliance on riffs, and less of that folk/punk hybrid.

The signs of AM's pop sensibilities are present on this album. AM! gives us fast-paced catchy songs that could be played on any college radio station.

Key Tracks: "Sink, Florida, Sink," "T.S.R.," and "Unsubstantiated Rumors...."

Against Me!'s album 'Searching For A Former Clairty'

Searching For A Former Clarity

On this '05 recording, Gabel's voice and lyrics on this album ooze anger and could incite a riot. The music is more developed, better arranged, and it matches the lyric content.

Gabel continues to prove that he could write better lyrics than most punk musicians. He also shows, on this album, that he's pretty witty.

Not many punk-rockers could take "Condoleeza" and turn it into a catchy hook to their song.

Key Tracks: "From Her Lips To God's Ears," "Pretty Girls (The Mover)," and "Don't Lost Touch."

Against Me!'s album 'New Wave'

New Wave

The major-label debut redefines AM! as a rock band, whether or not they like it. This album received a standing ovation from pop and rock critics alike, as they lauded AM! for the distinct vision of this album.

While the lyrics are the same over-analyzing inner monologue of a punk-rocker, the tempos are up and the music's a different breed.

This album is a big jump for AM!. It may change their voice, but not their heart.

Key Tracks: "Up The Cuts," "Borne On The FM Waves," and "Ocean."