Against Me! on stage.

Against Me! in 2007. Taken by Bryan Bruchman.

How to Get to Know and Love Against Me!

Rolling Stone called them the definitive punk band of the Bush-Cheney era and they use "Condoleeza" as part of the chorus in a song.

And yet, Against Me! has tried to fight the title of a "political" band.

Luckily for them, they're used to struggling against labels that pigeon-hole them into categories.

Against Me! has struggled against a community of listeners that have tried to make them "punk" or "folk-punk" or even worse, "sell-outs" or "traitors to punk."

But the band's talent defies all of that. They consistently make good albums with great lyrics, while still evolving.

"Are you restless like me?"

Probably the best aspect of the band is their intelligent and catchy lyrics, mostly penned by frontman Tom Gabel.

Gabel defies punk-rock standards by being a more prolific writer than most of his counterparts.

His lyrics touch on a multitude of topics, including drug abuse, the changing music industry, young relationships and war.

His voice gives strength to another side of the Internet generation.

So go ahead... Read more.

You'll learn a lot about the band, you'll hear a snippet of what they sound like and you'll discover where to find them on tour in the next month.

Hopefully, you'll start to love not only what they sound like, but what they stand for.