What's Next?

Now that we have discussed the history of television, whether or not upgrading to high defintion is a good idea, the types of HD televisions that are out there and the specific classes of HD Television buyers, only one question remains: where are you going to go to obtain your new high-definition television?

Many individuals prefer to shop at retail locations such as Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart. Their respective photos can be seen below. Also, they can also be used as a gateway for those eager to purchase that perfect high-definition television.

bestbuystore targetstore walmartstore

However, not everyone can to arrange a direct trip; for those individuals, various Internet retailers like Amazon.com, NewEgg.com and NBC's online store are more than willing to assist you.

amazononline neweggsite shopnbc

Hopefully, all of the information that I have provided here will prove helpful in obtaining your first high-definition television. Good luck and happy viewing!