Understanding the Past....

It was once quoted in a famous movie that "you never know where you are going, until you know where you have been." With that said, while it may be exciting to ogle over the picture-perfect image quality that can only be afforded by high definition television, it will be difficult to fully appreciating your newly-acquired device without becoming aware of how far it has come, and I am not referring to the trials faced by stores when it comes to manufacturing and selling televisions, although that plays a significant role as well.

I am referring specifically to television's origins, meaning, just how did it become possible for individuals to be entertained by a device that amounts to nothing more than a mere black box that can display various images at a time?

Answering this question will require a full understanding of the history of television, which I will ably provide below via the following videos and links to reputable sources. Through these tools, I hope to show that the evolution of television is one that has undergone many twists and turns yet has ultimately culminated into something that should, and must be appreciated by all. After all, without these windows into our past, how would people appreciate these items that have since been useful for television's future?