What do you want?

Despite all the information that I have mentioned here regarding television history, the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading to high definition and the types of high-definition sets that are available, the ultimate deciding factor that goes into the purchase of a high definition television ultimately depends on your own needs and desires.

Generally, when potential customers step into their favorite electronics retailer, whether that is Best Buy, Target or Wal-Mart, and speak to sales associates, they are usually quick to distinguish them into one of the following groups:

The Stylista


For individuals like the one on the right, people who hope their televisions will make a stylistic statement, the best option would be to choose a television that has specific "designer" elements: items such as thin lines and particularly elaborate displays of color. People who fall into these categories typically deserve a set that will combine stylistic form with dependable function.

Some good examples of televisions that fit these paradigms are Sony's Bravia KDL-37XBR6 37-inch LCD,
the LG 42LGX 42-inch LCD, the Samsung LN46A850 46 inch LCD and the Samsung PN50A760 50 inch Plasma.

Perhaps not surprisingly, each of these televisions mentioned are on the expensive side, but for those
dedicated to style, no price is too expensive.

The Cheapskate


Unlike the fashion model above, however, the person on the right here would most likely benefit from a set that provides high definition quality at a price that will not leave him feeling poorer than he already is. If your situation resembles this individual here, and you are looking for HD quality on a shoestring budget, you will most likely benefit from a set that costs around $800 to $1000. Of course, it should also be no surprise that smaller televisions with the same qualifications are even cheaper.

The deciding factor that should influence these buyers is price. Be sure not to let a specific set's bells and whistles sway you from your main objective: to buy a high definition set at a low definition price.

Samsung, Sony and other brands have specific low-cost brands. In addition, it also helps to look at store-specific brands such as Best Buy's Insignia; in fact, on a personal note, the television that I have now is from Insignia and it continues to serve me well.

That said, some televisions that would fit well to the budget buyer include the Vizio 32LHDTV, which will only set buyers back $450, and the Sony Bravia KDL-32L4000 32 inch LCD, which will only cost a mere $600. This item from Insignia is also an excellent choice for those looking for a quality television at a budget price.


The Movie-philes

Fans of movies who want to get the most of their HD televisions, like these individuals here, are more willing to spend extra cash if it means that they will achieve a high definition experience that is capable of equaling or surpassing what can be found in the movies. Perhaps more than any other group, these individuals will undoubtedly focus on factors such as screen size, picture resolution and general settings.

To appease members of these groups, or if you consider yourself one of them, you should focus on purchasing a screen that is at least 40 inches, greater if possible. This is so viewers at home can successfully replicate the cinematic experience. In addition, these viewers deserve the highest resolution available, meaning that anything less than 1080p is unacceptable.

Plasma sets are capable of delivering the rich imagery that movie fans desire, although LCD televisions with LED backlights are getting up there. Finally, make sure your television has the connections necessary for all the required entertainment equipment. In order to fully satiate these groups, some fine televisions that are perfect for this group include the LG 52LG50 52 inch LCD, the Sony Bravia KDL-40XBR7 40-inch LCD and the Pioneer PDP-6020FD 60-inch plasma.

Take note that each of these sets is a bit on the pricey side, but for individuals who want to replicate cinema, items like that are not important.

The Sports Lovers


For those wanting to purchase televisions for avid sports fans, the same mantra of 'bigger is better' proves true. Sports fans should look for the following items: a television with as large a screen as they can afford, a television with plasma settings if possible and 1080p resolution.

As an added bonus, if that sports aficionado is a fan of fantasy leagues, a set with online access would be an excellent treat!

Some televisions that would complement these fans would be the Samsung PN50A550 and the Panasonic TH-58PX850U 58-inch plasma. As stated before, these televisions are expensive, but their value to these individuals will far outweigh the price.

The Technologically-Inclined


The final group of prospective buyers includes those who are obsessed with anything relating to technology. For these individuals, it is vital that they remain on the cutting edge. It should thus be no surprise that they want their television to reflect this opinion.

These individuals are understandably more focused on the various innovations that are packed into their respective televisions than specific advancements in vision or clarity. Buyers with technology on their minds are centered on innovations such as LED backlighting, Internet connectivity and Tru2way technology. LED backlighting is designed to reduce motion blurring, Internet connectivity makes it that much easier for televisions to access online content, and Tru2way technology that is placed in televisions makes them ready for all digital cable services. Services such as an interactive program guide and video-on-demand are key examples of innovations that will be commonplace in televisions of the future.

Also, OLED technology is another innovation that is surfacing, along with wireless television models that will allow for a more efficient transfer of content. Concerning OLED technology, this TV from Sony has it, even though its price is out of reach for most at the moment.

Some good television choices for these tech-focused buyers include the Mitsubishi Diamond Series LT-46246 and the Samsung PN 50A760. While both of these may be pricey, tech enthusiasts will be too busy admiring their display to notice.