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Take control of your information

The following section will provide you with links to software, both free and commercial, that give you control over who sees what you are doing online and how to prevent unwanted surveillance.

Snoop proof e-mail

The following links will take you to sites that have snoop proof e-mail software that you can use to encrypt your e-mail communications, and prevent any unwanted eavesdropping by third parties. This software converts all your e-mail into code that can only be unlocked by a secret key.


Surfing the Web Anonymously

The following links will take you to sites that provide software that will enable you to surf the web anonymously. These types of software will keep your IP (internet protocol address) anonymous and prevent other sites from recognizing your IP address.

Cookie monsters

This link will take you to the Spy Blocker site. Spy Blocker is an anti-cookies software. This software will prevent cookies from storing in your hard drive and browser.

SpyBlocker Software

Disk/File Erasing Programs

These links will take you to sites that offer software that completely erase files. So if you want to delete files in your hard drive and have them completely gone, instead of having them sent to a trash folder, use the software provided by these sites.

Windows CleanUp
Windows and Internet Washer

Privacy Policy Generators

These are privacy policy editors and generators that will help you recognize if the privacy notices used by sites meet the current policy standards.

P3P Writer
P3P Edit

Secure your passwords

These sites have software that will allow you to generate hard to crack passwords that you can use for such things as your bank account or your Facebook account.



In the words of Wikipedia "A firewall is an integrated collection of security measures designed to prevent unauthorized electronic access to a networked computer system. It is also a device or set of devices configured to permit, deny, encrypt, decrypt, or proxy all computer traffic between different security domains based upon a set of rules and other criteria."

Zone Alarm