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Information Privacy

Anna Kirka, the helpdesk and training specialist at the IT department
for the University Athletic Association at the University of Florida

Information privacy is all about control. As our information becomes digital and makes its way into the "internet of things" we risk losing control of where that information goes, and how that information is used. Information privacy, as Mary J. Culnan (1999) described it, "is the ability of the individual to control the terms under which personal information is acquired and used." In this case, and all cases really, personal information refers to information that identifies an individual (Culnan, 1999).

Information privacy and security are major concerns for many organizations, industries, and agencies that rely heavily on networked communications. So much so, that these organizations, industries and agencies spend a substantial portion of their budgets in maintaining and updating their information technologies so as to assure that their networks are secure from unauthorized access, and from the misappropriation of private information. They are taking great pains to secure their information, should we not do the same?

Here is another clip of a privacy issue that is relevant to most of us that belong to some kind of social networking site
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