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Most of us are unaware of what is going on with our information once it goes digital, but most of us are aware of what can happen. Want to learn how to take steps to protect your privacy online? Want to learn more about privacy issues? Privacy is more complicated and important than you think. This site will provide you with tools and resources that will teach you how to take basic steps toward protecting your privacy online, and provide you with background information on privacy issues and concepts.

Like the image on the left, the lines and definitions distinguishing and defining the different areas and conceptions of privacy are being blurred and distorted. What is public and what is private is becoming less and less clear; so what you think may be a private conversation with a friend on Facebook may be in fact a publicly broadcasted conversation. At least Facebook allows users to set their personal privacy settings, but other sites on the World Wide Web do not allow users the same degree of choice.

Over time as we gain more experience interacting WITH and THROUGH the Internet and the World Wide Web most of us develop relationships with commonly used sites, and we end up trusting our information to these sites. This is common procedure for most of us, and as a result we end up trusting certain sites more than others. However, how trusting would you be if something happened to your identity or your information as a result of buying something off that music site you love and trust so much? You never know what can happen.

Some of us have not had any unfortunate experiences with our information online, and some of us have had our identities stolen, our credit ruined, and our personal files hacked into by unknown third parties; do not wait for the bad in order to protect your information online. Protect yourself now.