Mirelis and Privacy

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According to the diffusion of innovations theory people fall within one of five categories in relation to their acceptance and adoption of technological innovations: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards. I joke around that I am a laggard, but fortunately for me I was born in the eighties and I was exposed to technologies like the internet and the world wide web just in time for me to easily assimilate them into my life and thus be categorized as a late majority type of person. My brain was young, and learning the technology then was less of a burden than it is now.

I am part of the late majority, and it has been hard for me to move up to the category of early majority because the way I see it, keeping up with technology cost money that I do not have right now. Instead, I am searching for a way up through education. I am currently working on a Masters in Mass Communication at the University of Florida. My emphasis is on Media Law with a particular interest in Privacy as it relates to the Internet and World Wide Web. I am currently in my second semester and I have yet to understand the concept of privacy as a whole, so I have a lot of work to do in the next year. Privacy is a very, very complex concept, and it is only getting more complex with the advent of information and digital technologies.

So I am interested in Privacy but I do not know yet where this interest will lead me. My goal is to become a privacy expert and practice law in that field. On a more personal level, I love my boyfriend, I love my family, and I love being a Florida Gator.