Beat Matching

It's complicated at first, but with a little practice, it will become second nature.

Beat matching is what you do when you are mixing one song into another. If you didn't do this, the songs would not be synced with one another and your blend of the two would be a complete train wreck.

BPM, or beats per minute, is the tempo of each song. In your Traktor library, each song you have will automatically be analyzed and have its BPM listed in the right corner of each deck on your screen.

When mixing, it is easiest to work with songs within 10 BPM of one another. As one song is playing, load up another track in your empty deck within the right BPM range. You can then manipulate the BPM to sync up with the song playing by simply pressing the sync button on the top left of the deck, or move the pitch bend fader around, getting as close to the other songs BPM.

Once you get a hang of that, you can start to practice beat matching by ear. You'd do this by using the pitch fader to get an synced BPM, but instead of just reading the numbers on your screen you actually listen to the song playing and have the new song cued in your headphones and move the pitch fader around until you hear that the songs are matched.