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The reason why I enjoy picnics so much is because you can have them anywhere. Whether you're sitting under coconut palms at the beach or on top of a 15-story building or that perfect piece of grass down the street, a picnic can be taken anywhere. It's special because a picnic allows us the rare opportunity to sit still for a few minutes, ususally with someone you're close to or would like to be close to, and physically enjoy the company of another.

In my experience, picnics are most enjoyable when they are somewhat planned. It's great fun to suprise a loved one or be suprised, but a picnic is most enjoyable when you have everything you need. The trick is, not to forget anything.

Here's a list of some things you'll need and some ideas to make your picnic experience more enjoyable.

Choosing a Spot: As we discussed earier, a good spot can be anywhere. The best thing that I've found to do is to always be actively looking. Whenever you're driving around town or in a new area, just be thinking to yourself "Where would be a good location for a picnic?" You'll be suprised to see how many spots you'll find.

Drinks: Even if you've planned a romantic picnic with champange or wine, make sure to bring a couple bottles of water. Also, put the bottles of water in the freezer the night before and use them to keep your food cold while in route to the picnic.

Stemware and Flatware: Don't just bring paper plates and plastic forkes. Buy special plates and stemware specifically for your picnicing. They don't have to be expensive. You can find some perfect sets at a garage sale or thrift store. Just make sure the plates are made of something durable and not easily breakable. The same principle goes for the napkins as well. Don't bring just regular paper napkins. Buy some cloth napkins and make sure they're easily washable.

Be Prepared: Think about when and where you'll be going. If you're going in the morning or after a summer shower, make sure to bring a plastic tarp with you so your blanket doesn't get soaked through. It might also be a good idea to throw a can of insect repellent in the car. Nothing can ruin a picnic quicker than some nasty bug bites. Take some sunscreen as well and put it with the insect repellant.

So, here's a list to start with of everything you might need. Since everyone's needs are different, be sure to write down anything else that would have been helpful after each picnic.

  1. 1. Picnic basket and/or cooler
  2. 2. Bottled water (freeze overnight and use as an ice pack)
  3. 3. Outdoor dinnerware
  4. 4. Moist towelettes (even though you have the cloth napkins, it's still nice to clean your hands)
  5. 5. Cloth napkins
  6. 6. Glassware (make sure they have a large, flat bottom to not spill over easily and won't break)
  7. 7. Corkscrew and/or bottle opener
  8. 8. Blanket
  9. 9. Decorative centerpiece (candles, a cup of freshly plucked wildflowers, a beautiful dessert)
  10. 10. Sunscreen
  11. 11. Bug spray
  12. 12. Trash bag

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