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Finding the right spot is one of the cornerstones to any sucessful picnic. Below is some of my favorite spots in Gainesville. I encourage you to not just stick with these, but remember to look for new spots whenever you're out.

Kanapaha Gardens

Open every day except Thursdays from 9 to 5 during the week and from 9 to dusk on the weekends. You have to pay a $6 admission, but you get to enjoy the beautiful gardens.

UF Cultural Plaza

There's a great spot just behind and in between the science museum and the art museum. It's beautiful and you get to check out the museums. It's a perfect date.

Baughman Center

Just down the road from the cultural plaza is the Baughman Center and Lake Alice. It's always gorgeous here and you're more than likely to see an alligator.

Lake Wauburg

Some of the best sunsets I've seen in Gainesville have been at Lake Wauburg. It's a great place for a picnic and maybe even a canoe ride after.

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