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As if choosing a design wasn't hard enough, now you need to decde where you want the tattoo on your body! Although tattoos are, in essence, pieces of artwork to be seen, some lifestyles are less forgiving than others when it comes to having a visible tattoo. Case in point: The CEO of a business does not have any visible tattoos whereas it might be perfectly acceptable for the owner of a bar to be tattooed from head to toe. Tattooing doesn't have to be off limits because of your career, though. Below are some suggestions for where to put your tattoo on your body.

Tattoo artist applying stencil to Karissa's ankle.
Stomach and Hip Tattoos
Easily hidden and lower on the pain scale than other areas, a hip/lower back/stomach tattoo is a good choice for people who only want to reveal their tattoo on their terms (No accidental revealing). However, women, take note: the lower abdomen is a prime place to get stretch marks if you plan on having children. Factor your future into your decision. Are you prone to stretch marks? Are you choosing a design that has a very symmetrical and balanced shape (ex. a circle) that would look terrible if it were stretched beyond recognition?
Ribcage/Sides of The Body
This area is hypersensitive to the touch and thin-skinned, so getting a tattoo here is often described as more painful. Yet for as much as it can hurt, it is a good choice for those who do not want their tattoo seen. Some artists will not do a rib tattoo if it is a first tattoo for someone. Consult with your artist first and if they still refuse, scope out a different shop.
Back, Shoulders, Arms and Hands
A very common first tattoo locale is the shoulder. Often known as a "sleeve", you can build upon your artowrk over time to produce the effect of a "sleeve" of tattoos around and down the arm. This is expensive and time-consuming, but the effect can be quite beautiful. Forearm and hand tattoos are always visible, so they are not recommended for people in professions that hold a stigma against visible tattoos. Also, tattoos on often-used parts of the body that are readily exposed to the sun and are touched often (the fingers, for example) tend to fade more quickly.
Feet and Legs
tattoos on or around the ankle and foot tend to fade the quickest. The legs and feet carry your entire weight, and water often accumulates within the ankle and foot region, flushing out the color pigments of the tattoo ink. Also, women should be careful where they place a tattoo on the foot since most heels, sandals and flip-flops leave the topmost portion of the foot visible. The foot is another highly sensitive area, so some artists may be leary of putting a first tattoo on the foot. Consult with your artist.
Facial and Neck Tattoos
Permanent makeup is a trend gaining popularity among women. The artist can tattoo on eyeliner, lip liner and even eyebrows. Like any tattoo, these would need to be redone in 10-20 years, but they offer a more permanent solution to having to apply makeup daily. Other facial tattoos include eyelid, eyeball, inner lip and neck tattoos as well as tattoos that go on the scalp (the head must be shaved for the tattoo to be visible). The face endures the most sun damage throughout a person's life as well as being the most visible part of someone's anatomy, so they are to be thoroughly well-thought out.