When you are trying to decide what wine you want, you have to consider what it will be used for:

Immediate Drinking ~ For immediate drinking, go with a wine that has either been at the store for a long period of time or a cheap, sweet wine such as a reisling. Almost all wines benefit by a little keeping, according to Hugh Johnson. Cheap, sweet wine and after-dinner wines are the only ones that change very little with age.

Drinking with Food ~ Acid fruits, such as grapefruit, will ruin wine. Vengary salad will also ruin the wine and it will taste like vinegar. Avoid these foods when serving wine with dinner.
Seafood should be paired with light, white wine.
Pizza, pasta, etc. should be paired with red wine.
For picnics, you should bring along a cold, cheap rose wine.
White meat equals white wine and red meat equals red wine

After dinner wine ~ Consider a port wine or a very sweet white or rose wine. There are many at local supermarkets.