Steps to making wine

  1. I. Press grapes. Today, this is usually done by a machine but some places in Europe still do it with their feet! Grapes are then put into barrels or vats.
  2. II. Ferment grapes. Fermentation is when yeast and sugar combine to form alcohol. Both sugar and yeast are naturally found in grapes but many winemakers add one or the other to control the flavor and body of the wine. The container that the grape juice is in, starts to bubble because of the chemical reaction and carbon dioxide gas is released.

Wine Bottling

Grapes Fermenting in a Vat
A Vineyard
  1. III. Store and age. The wine is then stored in a container (for reds, usually a wooden barrel and for whites, usually a steel or glass vat.)
  2. IV. Bottle. Wine is bottled then sold in the last step. White wines should be drank within a year or two of bottling while red wines can usually last longer.