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Learning how to write a news story for broadcast

So what is the news?

Think about: Timeliness, Relevance, Proximity, Conflict/Drama, Magnitude, Prominence and Novelty:

Timeliness means Events that are happening are more newsworthy than events that have happened earlier in the day. A story´s importance declines with age

Relevance means what is of the most relevance to the most number of people

Proximity means events that happen closer to the audience are more important to the audience

Conflict/Drama emphasizes events that involve a struggle

Magnitude means that the size of an event makes it newsworthy

Prominence translates to the idea that we like to hear about famous people

Novelty occurs when stories tell us about something out of the ordinary

But the most important thing is news should be local. Once you work in New York or CNN then you can think about national stories, but until then make it local.

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