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Learning how to write a news story for broadcast

The Body of your news story is where you tell the news

When writing news stories remember to:

Write conversationally - write your stories how you would say them, this is radio not a newspaper

Use short sentences - no run-ons and no long eloquent statements. Your listeners want to know the news, not how smart you are

Use small words - the average listener is not a PhD and may not even have a college education so avoid big words

Use simple ideas - if you can´t say it so that anyone can understand then you need to say it better

Personalize stories to make people think you are talking to them

Use the pronouns You and We

Write in the Active Voice not Passive Voice to give your words energy

Use the Present tense

The news is about what is going on now - not what happened. If people want to learn history they can read a history book

People want to know what is happening right now:

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