My Story


My margarita story began on a beautiful Saturday morning when I decided to take a trip to Sam’s Club (not to be confused with Mrs. Sames, margarita creator) when I bought a bottle of Patron tequila for a friend’s birthday. Staying true to the origin of the classic cocktail, we celebrated with perfect margaritas while relaxing poolside. This began the foundation of the “how to make a perfect margarita” web site.

A good friend and professional bartender, Candice Grimsley, agreed to share her expertise with myself and the public. With over five years of experience, she learned to master the technique of a perfect margarita. If you would like to enjoy one of her magnificant margaritas, you can visit BJ’s Brewhouse where she currently works. The “classic caddy margarita” and “italian margarita” are my favorites.

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