The dough is the foundation of a pizza. It is the base on which the pizza rests. The crust is often taken for granted, but a bad crust can ruin an otherwise good pizza.

Some pizza chains have their dough delivered ready go. Other restaurants have their dough delivered in the form of dough balls which must be stretched out to make the crust. The dough is stretched from the outer rim, leaving about a quarter to a half of an inch for the crust. When the dough is stretched to the appropriate size, it is placed on a screen or in a pan and is ready to be topped. Contrary to popular belief, dough does not need to be tossed in the air.

If you want to make pizza at home, you can make your own dough for that. Check out the video below from to learn how to make now only homemade dough, but a whole homemade pizza pie.