Volunteers & Staff

When attempting to manage a successful Relay For Life it is important to be aware that you are dealing with two different sets of people. The committee that plans the event are all volunteers and then those there for support and any logistical needs you may have are the part of the American Cancer Society's staff. While at the University of Florida all of the volunteers that are part of the committee are students of UF.

Student Volunteers:

Volunteers fill many hats and many roles as members of the committee. They are responsible for finding teams within the community, gathering sponsors, locating entertainment for the event, and so much more. 2009 Relay For Life CommitteeIt is highly important to remember that these committee members are exactly what we said they were: VOLUNTEERS. They do not have to be there and they will not stay if they are not treated fairly. Remember to treat them as you would like to be treated. That being said, it is also crucial to note that all committee members are students and school and their education is their bigger priority. Be prepared to lose members throughout the course of the Relay season. Nonetheless these volunteer's hearts are in the right place because this event touches them personally and they all are eager to help and pull their part.

American Cancer Society Staff

The working force behind the volunteers is the American Cancer Society's staff. Each relay has a Community Representative that goes to all of the event's meetings and is there to assist in any facet possible. During the course of the relay season they are working 40 hour weeks but as the event draws within the final two weeks beforehand they are nearly working 60 - 70 hours a week. Unlike volunteers, these staff partners are not supposed to change but over the 5 years that relay has taken place at UF there has been a new staff partner. Knowing this one should seek to ascertain as much information possible to make the event as successful as possible.