Team Development

Team Development is a vital aspect of Relay For Life that cannot be overlooked. This committee is responsible for recruiting the 60 plus teams that are involved with the event every year. Their job is to seek teams from the previous year and look for new groups or organizations that will comprise of 10 to 15 members raising money to fight cancer. The fall semester at UF should be spent trying to retain teams for the previous years that have raised at $100 per team member on their respective team.

The end of the fall semester and the start of the spring semester is when the team development committee is supposed to be looking for those new teams and recruiting them to partake in the current year's relay. Upon finding a team, they inform them of the next team captain's meeting. These meetings are used to educate teams about all things Relay For Life that they are going to need to know. The meeting is run by the event chair and the team development chair with the team development subcommittee sitting in the audience ready to answer any questions that might arise.

Committee Responsibilities:

Ensure that past teams are involved in year round Relay activities and communications.

Develop a team recruitment plan with subcommittee to recruit teams from campus by utilizing contacts from committee members, team captains, and other community leaders.

Ensure that your recruitment subcommittee focuses on all parts of the campus and not just those familiar to themselves.

Establish meeting agendas with event chair and orchestrate team captain meetings.

Time Commitment:

Average 2-4 hours per week which will decrease as the event draws closer.