Money, Money, Money! Needless to say these individuals need to be honest and trustworthy people. Due to the overwhelming amount of work you will absolutely need two chairs. They will be handling all the money of and for the event. Their jobs are to count all incoming money in the form cash and checks but they must also keep track of all the money that is accrued online through credit cards. Lego man on Monopoly board with $500 billWhen a team has money to turn in, they will turn the money directly into your registration chairs. That being said you want to make sure that they are personable people because besides the event chair they will have the most one-on-one time with the team captains of each team.

The process of training registration chairs is a long and arduous task but is made simple by the over the phone and live training summits that are before Relay season begins in August. It is imperative that the two registration chairs attend these meetings so they know exactly how to count the money and your event total is reported correctly to the American Cancer Society.

Committee Responsibilities:

Coordinate all pre-event registration and banking activities.

Coordinate all onsite money collection, coding, copying and deposits.

Work with Team Development committee to register participants online

Time Commitment:

Average 1-2 hours per week which will increase as the event draws closer.