The Luminaria Ceremony is one of the most important parts of Relay For Life. During this ceremony we honor cancer survivors, those with cancer, as well as those we have lost along the way. Here at the University of Florida we place glow sticks in bags to light up the track inside of the Stephen C. O'Connell Center. At most events the bags contain candles that have been lit on ignited. Luminaria BagsDue to insurance issues and the shear pandemonium that would ensue if the O'Connell Center burned down, we are not permitted to use actual candles.

The ceremony typically consists of two speakers that tell their stories and how cancer has affected them as a caregiver, a survivor, or someone who is currently battling cancer. After the speeches are done a slideshow is shown displaying images submitted to by the event participants of family members, friends, and even themselves. These pictures are intended to honor those we fight for. Afterwards all names of those honored during the ceremony are read aloud followed by a moment of silence. This part of the event comes to a conclusion with a silent lap that is taken around the track by all participants.

Committee Responsibilities:

Plan the Luminaria Ceremony and coordinate Luminaria sales in the community and at the event.

Coordinate Luminaria set up and break down at the event.

Time Commitment:

Average 1-2 hours per week which may increase as the event draws closer.