Activities & Entertainment

University of Florida Mascots, Albert and Alberta, at Relay For LifeThis is what people remember from the event: ACTIVITIES AND ENTERTAINMENT! Here you want to strive to gather multiple acts from various backgrounds to perform on the hour every hour of the 18 hour event. These should include dances troupes, magicians, local bands, comedians, etc. But don't just stop there; think big and outside of the box. Here are some creative ideas that have worked in the past:

Break dancing lessons taught by the local break dancing club.

Campus Mascots!

Cheerleading Squads

A half hour of yoga followed by a half hour of jazzercise.

If yoga goes for too long people will become bored and you have to think about the entire event. Everyone has their own separate tastes so try to find entertainment that appeals on a broad scale. A great place to look up local bands in Gainesville is This will make it easier for the committee to find bands of different genres and appeal to the diverse cultures participating in the event.

The other aspect of this committee is the activities side. These should be fun games that can be setup in the corner that take little to no supervision and event participants can orchestrate by themselves. These should be run on the half hour and include activities like four-square, board games, 100 person musical chairs, and basketball knockout!

Committee Responsibilities:

Plan onsite event activities and create overall event agenda.

Establish and maintain contact with local entertainment acts within the community with the goal of having them perform at the event.

Time Commitment:

Average 1-2 hours per week which may increase as the event draws closer.