Students Fighting Cancer

Relay For Life has is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year in 2009 and the University of Florida just had its 5th annual event where it raised over $122,000 making this its most successful year ever! Next year marks a change in leadership as I, David Rountree, will no longer be leading the event as I have since its inception except for Albert and Alberta with 2009 Relay For Life Event Chair and Event Co-Chairs2008. This webpage has been created to educate the future event chairs of the UF Relay For Life as well as lay a foundation in how these events are planned, organized, and orchestrated.

If you are the Event Chair of the event your responsibilities will be endless. Your primary responsibilities include providing leadership and overseeing the development and execution of the event. But other roles will arise. When others are not pulling their weight, it will be your job to motivate but you will also have to know when there is no more time motivate and delegate and you have to take over because that is what is best for the event. Take a look around this website and get better acquainted with history of Relay For Life and the roles and responsibilities of the major committees.