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Ice cream is a frozen dessert made from lactose products, such as milk and cream, and it is combined with flavoring ingredients, such as fruits, sugar and other sweetners. Artificial flavorings and colorings are used also instead of or in addition to natural ingredients at times. The ice cream mixture is heated then cooled slwoly to prevent large ice crystals from forming, and the result is a smoother texture.

Ice cream comes in different forms, and those forms at times depend on the region in which you're buying the ice cream. Frozen custard, gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt are part of a variety of terms used to describe ice cream globally. In the United States, ice cream is a specific kind of ice cream determined by the quantities of ingredients used.

Presently, ice cream is made in an ice cream maker, which is an electrical device that churns the mixture while it is cooled inside a freezer. People also use a solution of pre-frozen salt and water. An even more modern method of producing ice cream is adding liquid nitrogen to the ice cream mixture while stirring it with a spatula.