Get Ready to Rumble

You can sign up for scenarios for the tier you are in by clicking on the little circle at the top left of the mini map. You have the options to sign up solo or as a party, and to sign up for one or all of them. The little circle will begin glowing once you have signed up.

If you wish to leave the queue for a scenario, just simple right-click on the scenario button and select which scenario queue you want to exit from.

Your first scenarios

In tier one, where you will be beginning, there are three scenarios you can sign up for. However, you can no longer enter tier one scenarios once your character goes over level 11.

Have fun with it

There will be times in scenarios when you will get the opportunity to have a good chuckle at the fate of your opponents. For example, in tier two there is a scenario called Tor Anroc. There is lots and lots of lava in this scenario.

Many people take great joy in knocking their enemies back, which flings them into the air and into the lava!