Realm versus Realm

Show no mercy

Realm vs Realm, RvR, combat sets you against other players. RvR centers around areas containing battlefield objectives and keeps/fortresses. However, if you are playing on an Open RvR server, RvR combats are not confined to these areas and can occur throughout the world.

Battlefield Objectives

Battlefield Objectives (BFOs) are marked by what look like little shields on your world map. There usually two in each area. Capturing a BFO grants bonuses for your side, which depend on what BFO you captured.

BFOs aren't defended by your normal, everyday Non-Player Characters. Generally a BFO is guarded by some basic NPCs, a few champions, and a hero. So, you can't take a BFO yourself; you need a group to attack with you.

Keeps and Fortresses

Keeps/Fortresses don't appear until tier two. For a keep/fortress siege, you need a big group. Not a full party, but probably pushing a full warband of 24 people. Sometimes, you even see two warbands attacking these objectives. Taking a keep/fortress is difficult and communication is very important.

Tier two keeps/fortresses require you break down the door of the place, make your way to the second floor, and proceed to slaughter the Keep Lord, who is also well guarded. In tiers three and four, these places have an extra wall you need to fight through. Also, it is incredibly difficult to take a keep/fortress when the other army realizes what is going on and defends the place. However, you can buy siege weapons, such as catapults, to help in your attack.

When defending a keep/fortress, you have the upper hand. When the opposing forces are banging on the door, feel free to pour boiling oil on their heads. If they get the door down, pick them off as they all try to get in at once. If they make it inside, wait on the second floor to wipe them out as they try to make it up the narrow stairs.

Open RvR

If you play on an Open RvR server, keep your wits about you at all times. Sure, it can be fun to have a spontaneous skirmish with the Destruction player you run into in the wilderness, but some people like to camp out.

Some high-level players like to go to lower level areas, but not so low that they become a chicken. They wait for low-level players to walk by, and they attack them! Be aware!