What They Are

You can receive quests throughout the world of Warhammer Online. You must complete a certain activity in exchange for money, equipment, potions, etc.

Where You Can Find Them

Non-Player Characters who offer quests are shown on the mini map as a green circle. Once you have accepted a quest from someone, their circle turns from green to yellow. Once you have finished a quest, their circle turns to orange, signifying that you can turn it in and receive your reward.

When you go up the person, they will have a circle above their head corresponding to their circle on the mini map.

What Do You Do

Some quests require you search out an item and bring it back to the quest-giver. Others require you kill a certain number of NPCs or enemy players. Some just send you to scout a location. There is a tremendous amount of different types of quests.

That's suspicious looking...

Sometimes you can receive quests from items located throughout the world. Explore everything!

That odd looking tankard of ale on the ground could send you out into the world, but you'll never know if you don't click on it.