Public Quests

What They Are

Public quests (PQs) are instances located throughout the world, with a few in each chapter of the game. They vary in difficulty: easy (2-3 players), normal (6-9 players), and hard (9+ players).

There are a few stages to each PQ, culminating with a reward at the end. PQs also contribute to your influence points for the chapter you are in. Influence points can then exchanged for chapter rewards.

PQ Breakdown

Public quests proceed in stages. In the first stage, there is usually a basic objective, such as "Kill 30 Wolves" or "Burn 10 Houses." The first stage has no time limit.

The second stage is a bit more difficult. There is a time limit and the objective tends to be a bit harder to complete.

The last stage of the PQ is usually the third stage, although some PQs can go on longer. In the last stage you face the boss, who can be a champion (ok), a hero (uh oh), or a lord (run away!).

The Spoils of WAR

PQs offer loot bags as rewards, which are allocated to individuals based on participation and a random roll. There is also a set number of loot bags. This means that if you complete a PQ with six people, but there are only four loot bags, two of the players are out of luck.

White loot bags are the most common. Then there are green bags, blue bags, purple bags, and the almighty gold bags. Within the bags are a variety of items, but you only can choose one. Pick carefully.

No sharing

Keep in mind that the equipment in the loot bags bind on pick-up. This means that once you choose a piece of equipment from a bag, it automatically binds to you, and no one else will be able to equip it.

So, no choosing items that friends will like, because only you will be able to use it.