Dungeons and Lairs


Dungeons are areas in Warhammer where parties can fight strong Non-Player Characters and have a chance to win valuable loot. You also don't have to worry about running into members of the opposing realm while in a dungeon; the game sends enemy players into separate instances of dungeons.

Dungeons are marked on your world map, and they are usually located inside a building or in an underground area. You also won't find many people inside a dungeon at once, because Warhammer keeps the population low by putting groups into separate instances of the dungeon.


Lairs are not located on the world map and must be discovered by exploring the world. Furthermore, you cannot simply walk into a lair as you do a dungeon. There is a certain way to gain access, which could sometimes be a puzzle.

Like dungeons, lairs offer a powerful NPC boss to defeat. Now, the only question is if you can find one.

Are you prepared?

Some dungeons and lairs are tailored for lower level players and some are directed at people who have reached the level cap of 40.

Make sure you know what level the dungeon/lair you're entering is designed for.