Parties and Warbands

Team Up!

Parties are made of anywhere from two to six players. Warbands are much larger, accommodating up to 24 people. You can speak in party chat by typing /p into the chat window (or /war for a warband).

You can form a party by selecting another player, right-clicking on their character icon, and choosing "Group Invite." Another way is to type /invite Playername into the chat window, where Playername is the name of the person you want to invite.

A warband can be formed once you're in a party. The party leader can right-click on a party member's character icon and choose "Form Warband."


When in a party/warband, certain items that are looted from your victims are made available to the group. In that case, three options are available.

When the item appears, you can select "Need," "Greed," or "Pass." "Need" and "Greed" have separate rolls for the loot, where someone selecting "Need" will receive the item instead of a player who selected "Greed."


You can leave a group at any time simply by right-clicking on the character icon of someone in your group (or yourself) and selecting "Leave Group."

Looting Etiquette

When an item appears when you're in a party/warband, the rule of thumb is to hit "Pass" or "Greed."

Only select "Need" if it's an item your character really, truly needs.

Continually choosing "Need" when unnecessary will likely earn you the ire of your teammates, and it could even result in getting kicked out of the party/warband.