Guilds and Alliances

Make a connection

Think of guilds as clubs. Certain people are members and you need an invitation. Usually, guild names are displayed over the heads of players.

A guild has a guild leader who can appoint officers as well as control who can do what within the guild.

A living organism

Guilds gain ranks similarly to players, except it is through the actions of all the guild members.

As a guild increases its level, abilities for the guild unlock, such as bank vaults, battle standards and the ability to form alliances.


Alliances are compilations of guilds who have decided to work together.

They can be as simple as two small guilds who have aligned to each other, to large conglomerations made of guilds whose members number in the hundreds.

The Guild Window

The guild profile lets you see any events your guild has planned and who in your guild is online, along with other things.

If your guild is in an alliance, then you can view the size and scope of your allies.