The Chat Window

Start Talking

The chat window offers different ways to talk with other players in the world. All you have to do is type a certain command into the chat window, then whatever you want to say!

Chat Modes

Type /1 to access region chat.

Type /p to access party chat.

Type /war to access warband chat.

Type /t Playersname to begin a private chat with a player.

Type /r to reply to the last private chat you received.

Type /g to access guild chat.

Type /as to access alliance chat.

Type /s to say something aloud.

These are just a few of the chat commands available.


Emotes are chat commands that cause your character to react visibly.

For example, typing /laugh will cause your character to start laughing. /toast will cause your character to toast someone, and /puke will cause your character to puke.

Typing /emotelist will provide a list of all the emotes in the chat window.

Customize it

Also, you can type /emote and follow it with text of your own, which could cause the following to appear in a chat window: Playername is the most awesome person around!

Have fun!