User Interface

User Interface

UI Breakdown

Click on the screenshot for a larger version.

1: Basic Stats

Here is a small picture of your character with your health points and action points.

2: Renown Rank

This bar charts the renown points you have toward your next renown level. Hovering over the bar tells you your level and other details. Renown points are generally earned by participating in RvR combat.

3: Experience

This bar shows how many experience points you have towards your next level. Hovering over it tells you the specific number. Experience points are gained by completing quests, killing Non-Player Characters, participating in RvR combat, etc.

4: Menu Bar

The menu bar contains links, from left to right, to your abilities (V), your bag (B), your character profile (P), the Tome of Knowledge (K), the main menu (ESC), parties and warbands, user interface customization (U), your guild (G), and help (H).

5: Influence

This bar tracks your influence points for the area you are in. Influence points are earned by participating in public quests for the area. In the case of RvR zones, influence is gained by killing other players.

6: Zone Control

This bar shows which side is in control of the area you're in. Blue for Order, Red for Destruction.

7: Mini Map

This is a little map that shows an eagle-eye view of where you are. Other symbols show up also for things such as quests, merchants, flight masters, etc.

8: Character

This is you. Your character is in the center of the screen.

9: Action Bars

Here are your action bars. You can drag and drop your abilities to this bar, as well as customize which button does what through the hot keys.

10: Chat Window

The chat window is your key to communication. There are four tabs: Chat, Combat, RvR and Misc. Each gives information on its particular topic.


Say you want to take a screenshot of something magnificent, but you don't want the user interface cluttering it up? No problem!

All you have to do is hit "Shift" and "Z" on your keyboard. Voila! User interface disappears. Just hit "Shift" and "Z" again to bring it back when you're ready.