Picking a Server

What types of servers are there?

Warhammer Online has three different types of servers: Core, Open RvR and Role-Play. Each type of server has its own separate rules.

Core Servers

Core servers are the "normal" servers. Realm vs Realm combat (where players can attack other players) is confined to certain areas of the world.

This allows high level players to travel to low level tiers without being turned into a chicken. However, if a high level player enters an RvR zone in a low level tier, they will still become a chicken.

Open RvR Servers

Players on Open RvR, or Open Realm vs Realm, servers are always flagged for RvR, except in the Chapter One beginning areas and the capital cities. This means players can be attacked almost everywhere!

On Open RvR servers though, high level players will be turned into a chicken if they venture into an area located two tiers below their own!

Role-Player Servers

Role-Play servers follow the rules of either the Core servers or the Open RvR servers, depending on their classification. Role-Play servers also have other rules in addition to these.

On a Role-Play server, players must act "in-character," hence the term role-playing. Role-Play servers have certain codes of conduct and behavior that players must abide by.


Warhammer Online originally offered many different servers for people to play on. However, as of March 10, 2009, they began a massive transfer in which 43 North American and Oceanic servers are being consolidated into 15 servers. The source servers will eventually be closed.

Warhammer Online's Notice of Server Transfers