Making a Character

Who do you fight for?

Players on Warhammer Online are divided into two factions: Order and Destruction. Order fights against the encroaching Destruction horde, and Destruction seeks to gain power and force Order's submission.

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Character Types

Characters in Warhammer Online generally fall under one of four character types: Healer, Tank, Long-Range DPS, or Melee DPS.


The healer archetype does just what it says: heals. Healers are the backbone of a good team. There are some healers who focus just on casting healing spells, while there are those who also deal moderate amounts of damage.


The name tank is also an excellent representation of what the character does. Tanks are like living, breathing shields. They are designed to take a lot of damage, keeping enemies away from the more fragile characters.

Long-Range DPS

Long-range DPS, or Damage per Second, is a character who can deal lots of damage very quickly, but from a distance. These characters tend to be "squishy," having little armor.

Melee DPS

Melee DPS is similar to long-range DPS, except that its attacks are up close and personal. Melee DPS characters are also squishy, sacrificing armor for attack speed.

New Characters

Warhammer Online added two new characters on March 17, 2009: The Dwarf Slayer and the Greenskin Choppa!

The Slayer and Choppa round out WAR's characters, with four for each of the races.

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