Player Interviews

The Process

Order players were interviewed from the Iron Rock server. Destruction players were interviewed on the Vortex server. All players were asked the same three questions.

Click on the player's icon or name to go to the interview.

Order Interviews

Chaze Icon Chaze, a level 30 Slayer

Barqs Icon Barqs, a level 40 Warrior Priest

Zeuge Icon Zeuge, a level 15 Shadow Warrior

Destruction Interviews

Grimsorg Icon Grimsorg, a level 40 Black Orc

Izhar Icon Izhar, a level 31 Chosen

Arinthyn Icon Arinthyn, a level 24 Disciple of Khaine

Where the interviews were conducted

To interview these players I went to the capital cities : Altdorf on Iron Rock and The Inevitable City on Vortex.

These people, and more not listed, were kind enough to respond to a random person sending them a private tell, requesting an interview.