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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Vinyl Records!

Records. They just do not make music like they used to. If you were not born 40 years ago or have no historical sense of music's roots, then you probably are not familiar with vinyl records. That is all right, because you have landed in the right place. You have defiently seen records before. Vinyl records are those great black discs that your parents keep in old boxes in the attic. They are those crazy slices of cardboard that are as big as your arm and always sit beneath the racks of new CDs at your favorite music store. Next time your at the club, try taking your eyes off of the smoking redhead near the subwoofer and take a peek at what the DJ is spinning on the table. Yes, you have probably guessed what all of these things are. Those are vinyl records, and although most of the population has switched to ipods and compact discs, there are still a loyal and dedicated group of enthusiasts dedicated to preserving the classic spirit and power of the American vinyl record.

But we all have to start somewhere. This is precisely the reason why I have decided to create this website. For every great adventure has a beginning and the world of vinyl is no different. There are things to learn before you begin that will help you avoid haphazardly dropping money on equipment or records. There are also some intricacies of operation that have gone by the way side as mankinds technology has progressed that may need to be studied if you ever have the hope of actually enjoying your new records. I suggest beginning at the top of this home page and moving from left to right starting with a brief history of vinyl players. I know that history can be boring but you should have an idea what you are buying before you go spending your hard earned cash. The history of record players will also help determine what kind of record player suits you best. It is as complicated as anything out there, so remember, like most things, your best advantage in life is to be informed.

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